Shell Nederland Raffinaderij B.V.
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Reports to SEG VP, SEG Manager, LC VP or LC Manager Delivers administrative and / or secretarial support to senior management, operating within the context of high business criticality corresponding to the manager’s level of accountability in the organisation. Deals with important and pressing deadlines; addresses complex questions, drawing on multiple sources of information in response. Performs complex tasks (booking, scheduling, content preparation), utilising procedures that can be either structured and standardised, or unclear and absent. Communicaties with tact – exercising influence and persuasiveness – for effective interaction with others, including other senior managers. Deals with most-confidential information within and outside of the Company. Develop and maintain a sound understanding of business activities and objectives of the area of the business their manager leads, in order to be able to provide the required support. Plan, prioritise and effectively allocate time to specific tasks. Maintain an effective agenda and an efficient diary on manager’s behalf. Develop and maintain a wide network of relevant business contacts, both internally and externally, on managers’ behalf. Process complex expense claims.

Bekijk opdracht Opdracht waarschijnlijk gesloten